*Preschool ages 2-5 years *Elementary ages 5 through fifth grade

In addition to our classroom work, we offer a variety of fun extracurricular activities. These are available to our students at no additional cost. Although the activities vary from semester to semester, we offer 2-3 classes per grade every week:

  • Physical Education
  • Science Club
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Technology Class
  • Boy's Character Club
  • Spanish

The following classes are offered after school for an additional fee:

  • Dance
  • Music
  • Gymnastics
  • Piano Lessons

Details and fees are available in the office!

extracurricular activities

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Our summer program begins on June 25th! We offer morning academics, a variety of different afternoon activities, and Friday field trips! 

Our preschool campus is conveniently located one mile south of the main campus at 1516 Anaheim St. We are a licensed childcare center with a full-service meal program. Like the elementary school, we also offer services year-round and are closed only 8-10 days per year.

Our program serves children as young as 24 months through age 5 (prekindergarten). While we promote social skills we are an academic preschool where every child has the opportunity to learn at their level. We use Abeka and a variety of other sources of curricula. 

​Pines Preschool is a place where kids can discover new and creative experiences. Our caring staff will help foster self confidence and sense of community. We strive to foster a life-long love for learning, building a strong foundation for social, emotional, academic, physical and spiritual growth.

Preschool Campus

Blast from the past!

To all of our past students and faculty, we love and miss you and hope you will come back and visit us soon!

Small Classes
Open from 6 am to 6 pm
Complimentary Meals and Snacks
Closed only 9 days per year
Quality Academics
Study Hall for Homework
On Campus Music Classes
On Campus Gymnastics
On Campus Karate
On Campus Tutoring
Kids Night Out (open till 9 pm most Fridays)
Awesome Summer School

The music to this video is a live recording from one of our chapels with Pastor Dave and Princess Peggy!

We continue to adhere to a time-honored traditional education. We utilize a variety of curricula but the foundation of our education is Abeka. It is a 'Christ-centered' format that extends our values in our Faith, community, and moral ethics. Although Abeka is used for most of our core subjects, we also use: Scholastic, Studies Weekly, SRA, RFU, Houghton Mifflin and others. 
While our fundamentals provide a solid academic foundation, we also nurture critical thinking skills and real life applications. Unlike public schools, we do not teach to the Common Core standards, but those benchmarks and concepts are met when students graduate from Pines. Our small class size offers endless possibilities for growth in addition to personal interactions that nurture spiritual, social, and emotional maturity.

Who are we?

Pines christian school is the continuing ministry of 

western avenue baptist church, a 60 year-old 

501c3 religious organization dedicated to the education and development of all god's children.

Summer camp!



Registration Process:

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​2. Pay $90 Reg Fee

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2018/19 Academic Year Begins on Wednesday, September 5th!

Ask us about our amazing 1200 square foot outdoor learning center and garden!