General Information

Our nine week summer program begins on Monday, June 24th. Our program is "pay as you go" and once registered, you pay only for the weeks you attend. We have a good balance of playtime and study time. There is academic instruction every morning from 9 am-12 noon (Mon-Thurs). Each afternoon we offer a variety of free activities, including dance, crafts, group projects, movies, water slide, moonbounce, karate, game time, and other fun activities. These activities are not just fun, they also teach coordination, cooperation, and listening skills. Every Friday we go on a field trip.
Academics- Monday through Thursday begin with three hours of academic study. Our goal for the academic portion of the summer is to reinforce what the students have learned the previous year and to help prepare them for the next year. Many of our field trips are educational as well as entertaining.
Field Trips- 
There are field trips every Friday. We have five bus trips, (Example trips- Zoo, Seaside Lagoon, Cabrillo

Meals- are complimentary. We serve a variety of meals every week, such as: spaghetti, hot dogs, sandwiches, chicken, quesadillas, tacos, and much more. A menu for the entire summer is available in the office.

Snacks- We serve complimentary fruit every morning for nutrition break. Milk, juice, fruit snacks, and other items are available in the cafeteria for a fee. $10 snack cards can be purchased in the office.

Note- If your child is a picky eater (or on a restrictive diet) you are welcome to pack a sack lunch for the day. All meals will be served as written. Aquarium, Science Center) and four local walking trips. We provide transportation, supervision, admission, and lunch for every trip. If your child is on a restrictive diet, you are welcome to pack a sack lunch for the day.

Trip Shirt- 
The 2018 trip shirt must be worn every Friday. For safety reasons, there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule. Additional trip shirts will be available to purchase at the rate of $10 each, while supplies last.

 McDonald’s Monday- You have a choice of lunch two options every Monday. You are welcome to eat the complimentary lunch or you can purchase lunch from McDonald's. Fill out the McDonald's menu in the office and pay the fees ($4-$5 per lunch) and the food will be delivered directly to the school. Please bring exact change. 

Fee Schedule

Tuition is charged on a weekly basis. If it is more convenient for you, you are welcome to pay for several weeks at a time. Although the summer camp consists of nine weeks, you are not required to attend all nine weeks. You only pay for the weeks you attend. The fees are as follows:

Registration/Shirt Fee = $90

International Student
Registration/Shirt Fee= $150

8:30 am– 3:30 pm = $115

6:00 am– 3:30 pm = $130

9:00 am– 6:00 pm = $130

6:00 am– 6:00 pm = $140

~Tuition is charged weekly, there is no daily rate~

Late Fees
All weekly payments received after Tuesday will be charged a $10 late fee.

Additional Fees
Daycare per day- $5 per session
Daycare late fees- $1 per minute after 6:01

Summer Camp