Student Handbook

Introduction-This handbook was written for the parents and students of The Pines Christian School. It outlines some of the school’s policies/procedures and provides general information about the school.
General information- TPCS is a non-profit Christian elementary school devoted to the education of children. We are continuing the ministry started over fifty years ago by the Western Avenue Baptist Church of Harbor City. We provide a quality Christian education at a reasonable price. Our program is designed for today’s busy families. We are open year-round from 6am to 6pm and are closed only 9-10 days a year. In addition to our long hours we provide free meals and snacks. In order to fulfill all your childcare and educational needs we offer a quality academic program during the regular academic school year and also during the summer session. After-school activities such as Study Hall, Karate, Gymnastics and Dance are available for an additional fee.
History- TPCS has a rich heritage. The Western Avenue Baptist Day School, now called The Pines Christian School, was established by The Western Avenue Baptist Church in 1955. The school was established to serve children of all denominations.
Purpose- TPCS has been organized to help educate the total child spiritually, mentally, socially, physically and emotionally. We believe children are a valuable and duty demanding possession given to us by God. We must develop the whole and complete person, body, mind and spirit. In order that this be done, it is essential that the Bible be used. We believe that each child is a unique individual and should have every opportunity to develop his own potentialities as God leads.
Statement of Faith- Pick-up a copy in the office.
Conduct for Parents and Students- Both the parents and students are required to conduct themselves in a manner consistent to the Christian Faith. Inappropriate behavior such as foul language, hurtful gossip or fighting may be grounds for expulsion. Parents must conduct themselves in a professional manner while on campus.
Signing-in and out- Parents are responsible to make sure their children are signed in and out. Failure to sign may be subject to additional fees.
Attendance- We allow no more than 9 unexcused absences per semester, 3 unexcused tardies = 1 absence. Students who exceed the 9 absences per semester rule will be required to attend summer school in order to be promoted to the next grade.
Discipline- The Pines classroom discipline program is based on the principles taught by Lee Cantor in his book Assertive Discipline. The Cantor system uses the name-on-board reminder system to encourage personal responsibility. Students who choose to misbehave may miss out on fun activities such as recess, free time, parties and field trips. We believe that teaching responsibility is more important than participating in fun/extracurricular activities. We will not reward unacceptable behavior and will use every opportunity available to reinforce personal responsibility. We reserve the right to expel any student at any time at the discretion of the administration. Students with a history of discipline problems will not be accepted.
Work ethic- Education is important at Pines. Work always comes before play. Students who fail to complete homework and/or class work will be required to complete their work during recesses and breaks. If you are more concerned about playtime you should fully consider this policy prior to enrolling.
Dress code- Students are encouraged to dress in a fashion that reflects good taste and that is appropriate for school. Clothing should not be excessively soiled, saggy, or ragged. Clothing should not be excessively revealing, such as mini-skirts, short shorts, loose fitting tank tops or tops that do not cover the stomach. T-shirts with beer/cigarette type text is not appropriate. Chapel Dress- Boys are to wear a button type dress shirt (not a golf shirt) and a tie for chapel dress. Girls need to wear a dress or skirt for chapel dress. No open toe or slipper type shoes allowed.
Curriculum- We use Abeka and various other supplemental curricula.
Grading and Reporting- We use the standard 10-point grading scale. Report cards are issued quarterly. Progress reports come out 3-5 weeks prior to report cards. Additional reporting may be set-up by the teacher if deemed necessary.
Homework- Homework is designed to reinforce fundamental skills such as reading and math. It is also used to review and prepare for tests in all subjects. Homework is an important part of the education process and is assigned to students in every grade. We encourage parental participation but the student must complete the actual assignments themselves.
Classroom rules- Classroom rules may vary from classroom to classroom, but these general rules apply to apply to all classes. 1. No talking without permission. 2. Do not leave your seat without permission. 3. Do not be disruptive. 4. Be respectful to your teacher and fellow classmates.
Playground rules- Student must show respect for other students by not fighting or playing rough. Also, respect must be shown for fellow student’s feelings and property.
School Hours and Holidays- The Pines is open year-round. We are closed only 9-10 days per year (major holidays). We are open daily from 6am- 6pm.
Lost and Found- All lost items are placed in the lost and found located outside the office. All items not claimed are donated to charity at the end of each month.
Health and Medication- All staff members are required to maintain current CPR and First Aid certificates. First Aid will be administered on campus for all minor injuries. For all life-threatening injuries, 911 will be called immediately. Medication will be administered to students at the request of their doctor and will be administered in accordance with the medication policy. All medication is to be locked up in the office. If a child is ill, he should not come to school. If a child is at school and is too sick to remain in class then their parent must make arrangements for them to be picked up (Be sure that your emergency numbers are always current).
Emergency Plan- We practice regular fire and earthquake drills as well as general emergency drills. We stock adequate provisions to feed everyone on campus for 5-7days.
Food Service- All meals and snacks are provided for free if you are present while they are being served. Breakfast is served between 7:00-7:30, the kitchen is closed for breakfast at 7:30. Fruit is available free of charge during nutrition break. We also sell snack in the cafeteria (please purchase snack cards in the office). Purchasing snack is a privilege; students who are “benched” during recess for academic or discipline reasons are not permitted to buy snacks. Lunch is served 'as written' on the monthly menu. If your child has food allergies or is a picky eater, we encourage you to bring a lunch from home. Students are encouraged to eat well as can be difficult for hungry students to focus.
Fundraising- Your participation in fundraising is greatly appreciated, but not mandatory.
Volunteering- Parental involvement is encouraged for specific functions. If you have an interest in volunteering on a regular basis, you will be required to complete a ‘volunteer application’ which gives us permission to do a complete background check (same rules apply to all employees). When parents are on campus we ask that they refrain from interacting with students.
Telephone- Students are permitted to use the office telephone if deemed necessary. All phone messages will be delivered to the student at the office staff’s earliest convenience. Some exceptions are made in emergency situations. Teachers are not permitted to use the phone during class time; however, they may return calls after school or during their breaks.
Toys & Electronics- You are welcome to bring toys during daycare days or on special occasions (with teacher approval). MP3 players and CD players are not allowed on campus. Electronic games must be rated ‘E’. The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. NOTE- If you are not willing lose it- don’t bring it!
Cell Phones- Cell Phones are allowed on campus, but must remain in a backpack at all times. We understand that cell phones can be very useful for students who walk home, play afternoon sports, or have an emergency. The Pines strives to provide a safe environment suitable for learning. Unfortunately, cell phones are like “open doors” that we cannot monitor adequately. They can also disrupt the classroom environment. For that reason, cell phones that are not stored in a backpack will be confiscated and must be picked up by a parent.


The Registration Process for New Students

1.   Call and schedule a placement test. Pass the entrance/placement test $25.00 OR you must have been promoted from The Pines into the desired grade. Students will be placed in an appropriate grade based on ability, not age.
2.   Pay the Annual Registration/Book Fee of $265.00. The Registration/Book Fee must be paid before school starts, unless prior arrangements have been made. Registration fees are hold your spot and are not refundable. 
3.   Pay the Annual Student Activity Fee of $75.00
After Acceptance

4.   Bring a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate.
5.   Bring a copy of your child’s Immunization Record.
Complete the Student Packet.

6.   Read and sign the Tuition and Payment Information Sheet
7.   Read and sign the Discipline Policy Sheet
8.   Read and sign the Statement of Faith
9.   Fill-out and sign the Application
10.  Fill-out and sign the Emergency Form



While we desire that every student attend Pines, we understand that not every student will necessarily be a 'good fit'. We understand that our program was designed to benefit most children, but there are some students who require additional programs and services that we are unable to provide. We reserve the right to dismiss any student at any time if we feel that they are not benefiting from OR detracting from our academic program.

Academic- The Pine’s academic program is very traditional.  Students must be cooperative, able to follow verbal teacher direction, do seatwork on their own, work in small groups, and complete a substantial amount of work daily. Although our program is effective for most students, some students may not benefit from our program.

Discipline- The Pine’s discipline program is based on the principals taught in the Lee Cantor book, Assertive Discipline.  Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing environment suitable for learning. It is our hope that every student will benefit from The Pines. In order to maintain a learning environment, students with severe discipline problems may be expelled at any time at the discretion of the administration.

The following downloadable forms are required for enrollment. In addition to these forms, we will also need a copy of your child's Birth Certificate and a copy of their Immunization Record or a signed waiver. 

Complete enrollment packets are also available on campus. The Emergency Card must be on card stock and is available in the office.