As a parent, I was concerned about sending my son to the local overcrowded public school but didn't think we could afford any other option. We found Pines to be a warm and nurturing environment and the tuition is very affordable.

I am a former student of Pines Christian school . This place is a great place to grow up. I went there from pre-k through 5th, and I loved every minute of it. I would recommend this school to parents who want their children to get an excellent education, where they teach you accountability with love.

Mr. Troy Ingersoll 


School History

Our story starts way back in 1943 with a group of Christians in the Harbor City area. We were originally known as The Normont Baptist Church. The members of the church met in a building near the Normont Terrace Government Housing Project, a low-income community established during the Great Depression. Keep in mind that World War II and the Great Depression were coming to the end. With the outbreak of defense related manufacturing in Southern California, there was a huge influx of unemployed workers from around the country. The members of the church were primarily defense workers, military families, and veterans.

The Normont Baptist Church experienced great growth in their early years and quickly outgrew their original church building. After some prayer and debate they decided to build a new church. With some searching, they found a piece of vacant on the corner of Western and 253rd that would fit the needs of their growing congregation. The church bought the land where our current school (and church) sits and they broke ground on November of 1950. Dr. Mayberry spoke on Acts 9:31 during the groundbreaking ceremony.

Acts 9:31

31Then the church throughout Judea, Galilee and Samaria enjoyed a time of peace. It was strengthened; and encouraged by the Holy Spirit, it grew in numbers, living in the fear of the Lord.

The new church building was soon completed.

In January, 1951 members of The Normont Baptist Church voted to adopt the name Western Avenue Baptist Church. The Lord blessed the church and over the next few years and the church community continued to grow. As with most growth the needs of the congregation changed over time. One important issued emerged- the need for quality Christian education.

In 1955 they built the Western Avenue Baptist Elementary School. According to the historical documents, the school opened in September 1955, with a staff of two and an enrollment of forty students. The need for quality Christian education back in 1955 was stated in the following manner:

We believe that children are a valuable and duty demanding possession given to us by God. We must develop the whole and complete person- body, mind, and spirit. In order that this be done it is essential that the Bible be used. Since that is impossible to do in the present public school framework, the Christian School began.

We believe each child is a unique individual and should have every opportunity to develop his own potentialities as God leads.

The Pines Christian School is continuing the ministry started by Western Avenue Baptist Church and Schools over fifty years ago. Over the past 50 years many things have changed but our founding principles have remained the same.

Mrs. Ingersoll


Meet the faculty

We believe that every child is a precious

and duty-demanding gift from god and

They should have every opportunity

to develop and grow into their

greatest potential 

Mrs. ShIM


I have two children who attended Pines. Pines was a place where my children felt loved and accepted. They grew so much spiritually in Christ. When we first visited, we were wonderfully surprised at the beautiful yard. It is well kept, safe, and very unexpected. When you walk in, you'll feel like you are at a special camp and definitely feel welcome. Overall this is a very unique school!!

Mr. John

​First Grade

Mrs. Martin

​Fourth Grade

Mrs. Pat 


Mrs. Mary


The Pines Christian School is continuing the ministry started by Western Avenue Baptist Church and Schools over sixty years ago. We are a 501C3 non-profit organization devoted to the education of elementary children. We offer a quality Christian education, complimentary food service, and extended day care at prices that rival other institution’s prices for child care alone.

Our facilities were designed from the ground up as a school. It’s open beamed ceilings in the classrooms, dining room, and chapel give it a camp-like atmosphere. Kids love our modern playgrounds complete with a mini-amphitheatre. Our air-conditioned Chapel is the perfect setting for watching a video on our 12-foot theatre screen or listening to a guest speaker. Because so many of our students spend so much time on campus each week, we have designed our facilities to be totally Kid Friendly! You are invited to experience the happy sounds of children at play—stop by any time!

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Mrs. higgins

​third Grade

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